Eric Retires!


On Friday, September 27, Eric retired. That weekend on our drive into Nevada to visit his mom, I tried to get him to yell out in the middle of nowhere, “I’m retired! Woo Hoo!” I couldn’t get him to do it. I told him he needed to loosen up. He did later after a couple of beers and I even got a bonus dance…LOL.

I’ve got to work until we can move to Tennessee on October 31. Wah! It’s not going to be easy working while Eric’s at home. Should I make him suffer? Shall I smack him every time my jealous alarm clock rings and asks me to get out of my beloved bed? Nah, but it sure feels good imagining it. Seriously though, Eric has waited 34 years to retire from Raytheon and I’ve been there merely 11 years. So, I must give him this one. He’s paid his dues. Congratulations, Eric!


2 Responses to “Eric Retires!”

  1. 1 Georgia

    Clark is moving into Michelle’s old office. The movers should be here after 2:00 today. He’s sporting a new beard (got rid of the large goteeee). The new look is a good one for him. But I’ll still miss having Michelle next door.

    • Hi Georgia,

      Its weird hearing someone will occupy my old office. Things are definitely changing. You are quickly approaching your retirement. You must be so excited. We have to remind ourselves we aren’t in any hurry anymore. That’s a big adjustment


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