How Do You Estimate How Many Boxes You’ll Need to Move?


Eric said earlier this week that he thought he got too many boxes. This afternoon, we used 15 boxes to pack my excessively accessorized kitchen. (I am the cooking gadget queen in case you didn’t know!) So, Eric will be making his hundredth trip to Lowes to get more packing supplies for our pantry and bedroom. Not sure you can accurately estimate how many boxes you’ll need. We always seem to be way off.

Three more days ’til move day…


7 Responses to “How Do You Estimate How Many Boxes You’ll Need to Move?”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    Good morning by this time your packed on the road thinking about you everyday & praying that all is well , miss you !

    • Hi Molly,

      I’ve been thinking about you too! We are doing great. Just exploring and waiting for our house to close on Friday. Eric’s son Dusty will be here Thursday to help us.

      Much love to you,


  2. hey this is chuck can you send me a way to automatically keep up with your blogs thx chuck

  3. just keep filling them up and let us know hahaha

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