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Eric is setting up his shop in the garage. It’s a nice garage in that it has everything you need. It has a sink, a place to hang your jackets and plenty of floor space. When the day is done, we still have room for both our cars. Eric’s shop will be the place we […]



Mexican food in Polaski makes the mark! Eric got the buffet. I got the chile relleno.

A New Identity


Today, Eric and I went to Lawrenceberg to get our driver’s licenses switched from California to Tennessee. Now, I can tell you, from the minute we walked through the door, this DMV was not like any in California we’ve experienced. For one thing, there was no one in there. Although, they insisted on giving us […]

We are really missing the kids. Here’s some photos taken in both Long Beach and Tennessee.

I need a pantry for all my paraphernalia because I am the gadget queen. I’ve had dreams of making the perfect pantry. However, I do not have the patience or the budget for it. In discussing it with Eric, he brought me back down to earth. We had a couple of options, stock cabinets or wire […]

This afternoon, Eric says, “Let’s go do some target practice.” We gathered up a 22, a shotgun and a handgun and head out to the back of our property. We laid out all the targets; a couple of boxes and an orange target. We started with the 22 which was way too short for me. […]