Photo Op Day


While we are waiting for our escrow to close, we thought it might be fun to spend the day taking photos of interesting things we’ve seen so far.

On the way to Pulaski, we saw a pasture of white horses (at least 15) and a tractor graveyard.

The fall colors are just gorgeous here and it’s starting to get cold. This morning’s temperature was 36 and it is 56 today.

We stopped by a little Amish art gallery that had beautiful furniture, art and hand carved pieces. We bought a basket, walnut salad tongs and a unique cherry wood soup tasting spoon.

Our day ended in hearing the news we’ve been waiting to hear. Our escrow will close on Friday!






One Response to “Photo Op Day”

  1. 1 Carol

    Loved the photo’s Michelle, Thank you, also very glad escrow is closing on Friday, and fall colors, I would love to see that’s our next trip, if Bill’s health is good, is to go to see all the fall colors in Main, New Hamshire and so on….take good care and try not to work too hard….love C

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