Like a Thief in the Night


Eric’s son Dusty arrived from North Carolina today so he can help us move tomorrow. After a week of being here, it’s actually nice to see a familiar face.

We decided to take him to our favorite spot for dinner, The Brass Lantern. After dinner Eric says, “Let’s drive up and we’ll show you the property.”

When we drive up the drive. We head back to the barn, park and look around. It’s very dark. There are millions of stars. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Then Eric says, “Let’s drive up to the house. Let’s see if we can open the garage by going through the doggie door.” Dusty heads in the doggie door and a few seconds later opens the garage. Then he says, “Look, the basement door is open.” Both of them look around and discover the alarm is not armed so we proceed to look around the entire house. I really can’t believe this is going to be ours tomorrow.

After we’re done, we lock up and slip away like a thief in the night.

One Response to “Like a Thief in the Night”

  1. 1 lavi

    Lol burglars. Funny. Have fun tomorrow!

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