Chain, Chain, Chain


The house and the property are in good condition for the most part. However, there are a few trees down and they need to be cut up for firewood before it gets too cold and rainy.

Today, Eric says he’s headed out to the left front pasture to cut up one of the trees. He just got a new chain saw so he can get the job done.

I’m in the kitchen trying organize my pantry.

Eric comes in after an hour. He says, “I need your help. The chain got stuck.”

We head out to the barn to get the car jack and a couple of boards.

When we get to the area where he’s working, I can see the chain is off the saw and stuck in the groove of the limb he’s been sawing.

Eric positions the car jack on two boards under the limb so that the car jack is on an even, steady surface. As he pumps the jack, it relieves the pressure and I pull the chain out.

I was very impressed how he solved this one!

2 Responses to “Chain, Chain, Chain”

  1. 1 lavi

    Nice work Eric. Cori is a problem solver like his dad also when it comes to stuff like that

  2. 2 Molly Lisenbe


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