I Never Promised You a Rose Garden


It’s so funny, the day we’re going to trim the rose bushes at the entrance, I hear this song, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. It’s a very old song in case you don’t recognize it. How fitting is that?

Music is like coffee for me. I’ve gotta have it in the morning to motivate me.

I am really enjoying the intercom/radio in this house. I can listen to music from any room in the house.

The radio stations here are better than the California ones. I attribute that to
Nashville. There’s music everywhere here.

We’re pleased with how the entrance to the property turned out.


3 Responses to “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    Wow that’s so funny how weird is that !! lol

  2. 2 Carol

    Beautiful Michelle, and Thanks for the recipes.

  3. 3 lavi

    Very nice! Funny I just made a egg soufle last night. I put asparagus, onion, cauliflower, black Forrest ham, guyere cheese cheddar cheese 4 eggs beaten with heavy creamit was good

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