The Tennessean


The local paper is called the Tennessean. We are known here as, “The Californians”. People say all kinds of funny things like, “You’re not from here are you?” and “Where are you from?” After telling them where we’re from, they automatically say, “It’s a big change.”

Our banker asked, “Are you really ready for this kind of change? Life is a lot slower here than living in a big city.”

In a department store on Friday, this one girl asked my opinion on a piece of clothing. After giving her my opinion, I said, “I just moved here and I’m trying to get used to your weather.”

She said, “As soon as you do, it’ll change on you. You didn’t sound like you were from here.”

Eric and I are still trying to adapt. Now that I don’t have work, I can be more efficient at things I never had time for. I like Eric’s motto. Do what you want whenever you want, eat when you get hungry and quit when you get tired.

I’m not sure I’ve found my chi yet. So many changes happened all at once. I’m still trying to stay connected with my loved ones in a different ways than I did before.

Adopt and adapt, that was my motto at work, but it makes sense in my personal life too. How you adapt all depends on if you’re willing to adopt a new situation.

I am open and willing and I do think that’s what counts. I will also need to be patient as I digest all of this. I am already feeling less stressed that I ever have before.



One Response to “The Tennessean”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    slowly but surly you’ll adjust..and I love Eric’s moto good for you it must be a great feeling to feel so stress free just suck it up !! Lucky ..LOL

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