Annie Get Your Gun I’m Not


This afternoon, Eric says, “Let’s go do some target practice.”

We gathered up a 22, a shotgun and a handgun and head out to the back of our property.

We laid out all the targets; a couple of boxes and an orange target. We started with the 22 which was way too short for me. I had to reach too far to hold it and it wasn’t at all comfortable. Eric finished my round.

The second gun we tried was the shotgun which was very long. When I fired the first shot it gave me such a kick, I handed it back to Eric and said, “I’m not liking that one!” Eric finished my round again.

The third gun was the handgun. I didn’t like that gun at all. It hurt my ears. So, again, I handed it back to Eric. Eric finished my round and it sent Daisy heading for the hills. I’m sure she thought her life was in danger!

I felt like Goldilocks with these guns. This one’s too small, this one’s too large and this one’s too loud…except there was no just right one.

Eric said he didn’t think guns were for me. Annie get your gun I’m not!


2 Responses to “Annie Get Your Gun I’m Not”

  1. 1 lavi


  2. 2 Molly Lisenbe

    Too funny !

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