Building a Pantry with the Easy Button


I need a pantry for all my paraphernalia because I am the gadget queen. I’ve had dreams of making the perfect pantry. However, I do not have the patience or the budget for it. In discussing it with Eric, he brought me back down to earth. We had a couple of options, stock cabinets or wire shelves. When I saw how cheaply built the stock cabinets were, the wire ones looked a whole lot better (and it meant instant gratification). We’ve converted our saferoom (storm shelter) in the basement to a pantry. The previous owner had been using it as a sewing room.

We ended up getting 4 of the wire racks and they are quite sturdy. They hold all my supplies quite nicely. It actually looks nice down there along with our new freezer.

You could still use it as a storm shelter if you needed to. It will have all the food supplies for an emergency. I’ve ordered a couple of cots to put in there.


3 Responses to “Building a Pantry with the Easy Button”

  1. 1 lavi

    Easy peasy nice

  2. 2 Molly Lisenbe

    nice was this a pantry to begin with or did you turn it into one ?

    • Hi Molly, This was originally built as a safe room. The previous owner used it as her sewing room. I thought the sewing room should be on the second floor. It’s much more brighter.

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