Santa’s Workshop


Eric is setting up his shop in the garage. It’s a nice garage in that it has everything you need. It has a sink, a place to hang your jackets and plenty of floor space. When the day is done, we still have room for both our cars.

Eric’s shop will be the place we will build our greenhouse and potting shed for the new garden come Spring time.

I am jonesing to get started on my shop too, the craft/sewing room. Monday, I drug Eric upstairs to tell him my vision. In the room I’ve chosen, there are two windows that get lots of light. Next to one of the windows is a nook that would make a great window seat with a bookshelf. I will eventually want a work table, but for now I have a large folding one.

Yesterday, Eric and I went to Home Depot to get materials to build the workbenches for the garage. I had my own agenda, so I went in a different direction. When we met up, Eric had all the wood and supplies for the workbenches and had even managed to get supplies for my window seat and a project for Dusty, his son. I was pleasantly surprised, though I shouldn’t be. Eric is motivated to get started and loves to build.

I’ve been dreaming of lots of beautiful things for our house. As my sister-in-law, Helen, puts it, “He’s going to be busy” (instead of, he’s in trouble now).

One Response to “Santa’s Workshop”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    That’s great !! sounds like you two have a plan & are keeping busy as well as enjoying it .

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