Swamp Thing


Today, I said to Eric, “Do you want me to call a local pool company and start the pool back up again?” You see, when we bought our house, the owner said it was the first time he ever winterized the pool. He said because it never gets below freezing here, they never have to do it. Eric agreed, it would be nice to see the pool.

After I set up an appointment, we unveiled the pool from it’s very large cover. It was a mossy shade of green. Kinda gross. Ready for swimming, it’s not.

The pool guy showed up this afternoon and got to work. After flushing and opening up the pump, he got it started. He put a bunch of chemicals into the pool and it started to look a little better.

In the skimmer, there was a very large frog and a smaller one. Castaways!

Maybe by tomorrow it won’t be so green. By Monday it should look normal.


2 Responses to “Swamp Thing”

  1. 1 Tony

    Frog Legs , mmmmmm.

  2. 2 lavi

    Yuk lol. That’s a huge frog

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