KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) for Pools


One thing we’ve learned in the past few days about pools is they aren’t complicated. Most pool companies would like you to think so. That’s where they try and sell you all kinds of gadgets and chemicals. Just the basic chemicals are expensive enough. PH balance, alalinity and filtration are all that are needed to maintain a pool. It doesn’t sound like salt water pools are much better than chlorine as they still use chemicals.

We have an expensive Polaris vacuum robot the previous owner bought and it doesn’t do much. We can do more with a brush and a vacuum! However, I am feeling it in my biceps from scrubbing the pool’s edge yesterday. Eric’s has been doing the vacuuming and today, it is starting to look better. Yesterday, it was still pretty mossy at the bottom. Today, it’s patchy in spots. It is a large pool and it does take some time.

After bringing the pool back into operation, it’s looking pretty blue. It’s so nice to see it from our kitchen window and family room.



One Response to “KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) for Pools”

  1. 1 lavi

    Wow you guys are doing a good job looks way better!

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