Tangle Me Up in Vines


We’ve been wanting to get to the last part of our garden clean up jobs and that’s the barn. There are some vines called monkey pods growing up the sides to the entrance of the barn. It’s a treacherous little mess. There are vines winding all the way up to the top of the roof.

It actually turned out to be a much bigger job than I originally anticipated. Eric did the cutting and I did the cleanup. Neither job is easy. I loaded the vines into the truck so we could drive the cuttings out the “The Pile”. It’s where we have added all our cuttings to burn sometime before the Spring.

Eric said in the middle, “I’m tired.”

I said, “If you want to finish tomorrow, we can do that.”

He said, “No, if we wait till tomorrow, it will be raining.”

Secretly, I was hoping he’d say lets keep going. I didn’t want to revisit it. I’d rather just get the job done. We kept working until we finished. I thought while we were out there working, you probably want to do tough jobs like these in the winter before Spring to avoid the bugs and the heat. I am glad we did it. It looks nice close up and from afar.

I am sure we will never have problems with our weight here. We’re getting the best workout we ever had here. I’m sure we’ll sleep good tonight!


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