Daisy Meets Mr. Ed


Yesterday, I decided to take a walk and see if I could see some deers near the pond. No such luck.

In the distance were the neighbor’s horses. I’ve fed them carrots before, so I decided to walk over there. They’re curious about us and have been pretty friendly, especially the white gelding. The painted mare is not too sure, but she’s warming up to me.

When I get over there, it’s just the white gelding. He sees me and starts coming my way. Daisy decides to go under the fence to get a closer look. She lays in the grass. As he gets a little closer, she gets up and walks away…slowly. When she gets up against the fence, she’s cornered. The horse smells her and she’s as stiff as a board. I think she was kind of freaked out by the size of him. She’s not used to anything that large.

I pet him for a little while, then the painted mare comes over to say hello. Daisy did not move even when I decided to leave. She was still there paralyzed. I had to assure her it was ok to come back under the fence!

One Response to “Daisy Meets Mr. Ed”

  1. 1 lavi

    Hahaha poor daisy. Pretty horses

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