Good and Jacked Up


We are feeling it today after cutting the vines at the barn! I watched Eric walk away from me when we went to lunch. He’s walking with a limp. He said this is the sorest he’s felt since we moved here.

Dummy me, I decided to finish cutting the roses near the pool. I am obsessed with cleaning them up. I am feeling the burn now.

Sometimes, I think it’s best to keep moving when you’re sore. Eric says, “Stop moving and you die.” I prefer, “Keep moving and live.”

All this has been worth it. I went to town to try on jeans and liked how they fit. This may be a first. What girl ever likes how she looks when she tries on clothes? I blame it on sitting at a desk all these years. I wasn’t getting nearly enough exercise.

One Response to “Good and Jacked Up”

  1. 1 lavi

    That’s good! Staying in shape makes you feel better

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