Mr. and Mrs. John Deere


Today we went to town because I needed clothes. Not a fun outting for Eric to say the least. The bargain was, if I go shopping, he’s stopping by the John Deere store on the way home.

We’ve been talking about next steps now that we’re all settled in. We’re currently in the stages of planning to turn our 2 acre back pasture into a garden of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and flowers. We both think getting a tractor is the next step in preparing the garden for planting in the Spring.

When we got to the John Deere dealer, we asked the salesman to show us which tractor would fit our needs. He didn’t try and oversell us which was a pleasant surprise. We added a front loader (to carry cuttings, dirt, etc.), a bush hog (to cut our fields) and a blade (to grade our gravel driveway).

I’ve been wanting to get a riding mower. Knowing we’d probably get a better deal if we bought them both at the same time, I asked him to price the tractor along with the riding mower.

Pretty soon we were buying two tractors. We should get them on Friday or Monday. Eric is excited. He says, “We just bought two tractors!”

I am excited too, mainly because the riding mower is all mine. I joked that I was going to go out and get a John Deere manicure. Who does that? But apparently people do!


4 Responses to “Mr. and Mrs. John Deere”

  1. 1 Carol

    That is just so cool Mrs. Deere, owning your own tractor, a him and her winner, in my eyes, so very exciting I know you’ll have fun with that for sure!

  2. 2 Mom

    I really think you should get the manicure!!!

  3. 3 lavi

    Oh how funny did u paint the nails like that

    • No, I never didn’t get my nails done. I usually do my toes but I haven’t done that since I left California. I wear covered shoes most of the time anyway. It’s so sad to say goodbye to bare feet and flip flop weather!

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