The Sink Hole


Doesn’t Daisy look sweet and loveable? Well, she is, but she’s also a trouble maker!

Today, she rolled in something. It smelled like horse manure. Why do dogs like to put that purfume on…Eau de la Fido No. 9? They like smelly stuff.

Well, she knew she did something wrong because she had that look.

Before we brought her in the laundry room for a bath, I gathered up her towels, soap and plugged in the space heater so she wouldn’t get cold. I filled the sink up with warm water and Eric placed her in there so I could wash her. When all the sudden, the entire sink broke way and everything came toward me. It only grazed my leg and luckily the outlets in there were GF grounded. The heater, though it was connected, was on top of a stool so it was out of the way of the water. The room was flooded.

Eric and Dusty, Eric’s son, came rushing in to see what had just happened. They acted quickly and got it cleaned up. I moved Daisy into my bathroom and finished cleaning her in my tub.

Apparently, the sink was only attached to the drywall. The sink cracked right down the middle. It would’ve been better if the sink had legs than hanging from the wall.

Daisy and I were both pretty lucky. If those outlets weren’t grounded, we could’ve both been electrocuted! It’s a scary thought. Eric said, “This was all because Daisy rolled in poop!”


3 Responses to “The Sink Hole”

  1. 1 Sandra Pyle

    OMG. That was awful! Thank goodness you are okay!

  2. 2 Carol

    Oh My God Michelle that could have been so horrible, Thank goodness someone was watching over the both of you.

  3. 3 la

    wow glad u guys r ok

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