Farm Technology


We knew moving to Tennessee would be an adjustment, especially in how we lived.

Getting up every day, I’m finding that we want to take advantage of every ounce of daylight. In the morning, we are enjoying the sunrise. During the day we have projects. In the evenings, we are enjoying the sunsets as well as observing all the beautiful wildlife here.

We’re not doing a whole lot of TV at night and that’s probably for the better. Things like computer time and reading are starting to be my night time tasks. This is a big adjustment for a computer phobe like me. I do still take my iPhone out wherever I’m at in case there’s a photo op. Eric says I’d probably fade away without my iPhone or my iPad. I panic when I can’t find them.

Our new technology is our tractors and garden equipment. I’m sure we’re going to be spending lots of time learning how we can better use them.

Eric and I have set up some stakes to decide where to put our new greenhouse based on where the shade falls in the latter part of the day. We want to put it in the sunniest part of our garden. We’d like to build something that compliments the architecture of our house. We found some nice plans online from the University of Tennessee and will probably use one if them when we’re ready to build.

We have not met anyone yet, not even our neighbors. We have been preoccupied with getting settled here. Hopefully we can start to do that now. This blog has been our connection to all of you. It makes us feel less far away from the ones we care about.

We are happy and content here. There’s something to marvel or laugh at every day here. I don’t think that will ever change.


2 Responses to “Farm Technology”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    So happy for you both..Glad were able to keep in touch & see your progress ! Miss u..

    • Hi Molly. We’re loving seeing everyone’s comments. We had 204 visitors on one of the days last week! Miss U2.

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