Mary, Mary Quite Contrary


Today it’s raining, so I’m on the computer planning the garden. It’s taken me several drafts to feel like I was getting the proper flow. It’s intimidating when you have such a blank canvas. It’s about 2 acres. I thought it was better than taking a can of spray paint and doing it in the pasture. I’ve tried to look at different web sites with gardening plans to get some ideas. However, once I started doing it, it started to come together.

I started by making a grid and used them to make zones. After I had some zones established, I got rid of the grids and started to do some free form drawing by making paths. It seems more natural now. The zones I created are vegetables, herbs, flowers, formal garden, chickens, fruit trees and nut trees. There is an area along the back pasture we will use to route the horses to the front pasture.

The focal point of this garden is looking out from the pool to the formal garden. I wanted it to be beautiful as well as functional.

The style for this garden is going to be a French potager garden. I wanted to make it on the formal side with lots of hedges. All the materials used will be natural such as a wood sliced path and a natural arbor made from tree trunks and branches.

This won’t all happen overnight. Once we get the soil ready, we will start with planting the fruit and nut trees and then the vegetable garden, then we can go onto something else. We will try and accomplish one task at a time so we are successful.

North is straight up on this plan. It’s a pretty sunny area for most of it. There are three sheds; the greenhouse (largest), the garden shed (medium), and the chicken coop (smallest).

Send me your comments and tell me what you think.

Garden Footprint

2 Responses to “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary”

  1. 1 lavi

    Looks like its gunna look awesome. Well planned

  2. It is going to be beautiful!

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