Rainy Days and Mondays


I’m actually glad for a rainy day here. It’s been all about pool maintenance, yardwork, pastures, the barn and tractors lately. We needed to wrap gifts, finish Christmas cards and get our packages off to the post office. I also took advantage of tea time and a few baked cookies while I was stuck inside.

I saw a gorgeous red cardinal this morning under the rose bush out by the pool. It was trying to get shelter from the rain. He was too far away to get a good photo so I sat and watched him as I sipped my coffee. There really are so many beautiful things to see here…simple things.

Eric spent the day organizing the garage. It really is already very organized, but he wants it to be more so. He hung some shelves and handed me off some things he was kicking out of his garage.

The pool rose about an inch and a half and the pond has rose about a foot with all the rain. The pond was really needing it.

It is already starting to get cold now that the rain has stopped. It’s been in the 40’s today. This week it’s supposed to drop down to the 20’s in the mornings, It’s the right time for hot spiced cider, soups and baked dishes. There’s nothing like something warm to make you feel like you’re comforted. Did I mention the Jacuzzi? Got to have hot baths!



3 Responses to “Rainy Days and Mondays”

  1. 1 lavi

    Looks like you guys r living in paradise. Love it. Sounds like my kind of dream. Hot tubs, red cardinals, nice house, enjoying life. Fun. Big hugs to you both

  2. 2 Carol

    How cool! Cardinals are one of my favorite birds, they are so beautiful, but most all of nature is, and I love it, so glad you are enjoying your quiet time that way.

    • This morning I had two bluebirds (a male and female) outside my bathroom window while I was getting ready. They were so cute. I didn’t get to get a photo of them either. They were very curious about me and kept looking in at me.

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