The Pature’s Greener on the Other Side


Tuesday, Daisy has had some ear problems, so we made an appointment with the local vet. I stayed home to finish Christmas shopping online.

On the way out to the appointment, Eric noticed the neighbor’s horse had broke through our fence and was on our side. He stopped and got out. The horse’s owner had already seen it and was on his way out to her with a halter. She was a little hard to catch. The owner told Eric the filly was only a year old. After he got caught her and put her back in his pasture, he helped Eric get the fence back together. He told Eric he’d electrify our fence until we could make repairs. We have about 5 miles of fences here and there are sections that need to be fixed. The previous owner took the unit that electrifies our fences. We will have to replace that after we make repairs.

Eric said the reason the horse came over is because our pasture was greener than hers. She just wanted some of what we had.

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