We Need a Tune-Up


Saturday, we went and saw the horse I posted in, “A Matching Horse for Daisy”. Eric and I went with both our eyes wide open and did not come with cash.

When we drove up, there was about 20-30 horses on their property. The lady and her daughters greeted us and showed us Star. She was a beautiful horse, but very tennative. They were really nice and answered all our questions honestly. We knew the horse was broke at 2 years old and had been ridden a few times recently and would require a tune-up. What we didn’t know was how much of a tune-up she would need.

We had them to walk her around, saddle her up and ride her. We observed that she was still pretty green. We didn’t feel like she was a project we were willing to take on. Neither of us would’ve felt safe getting on her as we are also pretty green. So, we did the best thing we could, we thanked them for their time and we politely said she wouldn’t be the horse for us.

On the ride home, we decided it would be best that I take lessons that would include horse maintenance and riding instruction. I’m not sure we are ready to be horse owners quite yet. I do think that looking at a horse was the right thing to do. It made us take a look at our experiences and be realistic about what we would need to do to have a horse. Eric had owned horses about 30 years ago, but he wasn’t feeling really confident about it. I had ridden during my childhood and had loved it, but hadn’t ridden recently. I’ve never experienced owning a horse or the maintenance associated.

I found someone in town and visited her today and have signed up for lessons. We’ll see where that takes us. Until then, we will take it slow and get a horse when we are ready.


One Response to “We Need a Tune-Up”

  1. 1 lavi

    Good idea. My cousin is a pro horse rider and there is alot of work involved. Happy riding!

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