Giddy Up


I enrolled in riding and general horse care lessons with a girl named Jessica here in town. I will have lessons twice a week for 2 hours each session.

On Sunday, Eric and I went to Jesssica’s farm and talked with her. She’s got about 8 horses, about a dozen chickens and 6 dogs she shows. She also came out to our property to see what we’d need to prepare to buy horses. She only made a few suggestions such as keeping sawdust on the floors instead of hay for each of the stalls. Keeping grain in metal trash cans instead of plastic keeps rats and mice out of the feed. She also suggested keeping sawdust out of the stall door paths so they didn’t get jammed as that requires removing the doors. When tying off the horses, she suggested using straw ties so that if the horse was ever spooked, they didn’t tear off running with a door or part of the barn. She said it was better that they run off by themselves than do damage to the barn or worse, even themselves. She had seen it happen too many times. She had witnessed one horse being killed.

Jessica has been riding and training horses since she was 13. She has over 8 years of horse training experience. She solely concentrates on Parelli Natural Horsemanship. She believes every horse deserves Natural training which is a kinder, gentler and more patient approach.

I will have to buy tack for western as Jessica’s tack is only English. I have experience in western and nothing else. There’s a place in Etheridge that I will need to buy my tack and take to my lessons.

Hope, is a white thoroughbred that I will be trained on. According to Jessica, she is a very stable and reliable horse. Jessica offered to lease her to us, but I think I’d like to just learn for now. I will approach ownership later in the game.

Today will be the first time I’ve ventured out all by myself. I am actually looking forward to doing something on my own. The voice navigation works pretty good from my iPhone so I cannot get lost.




3 Responses to “Giddy Up”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    Hi Michelle by now you’ve probaly had your training..that’s so cool that your keeping busy & learning to do different things in life , good for you keep me posted !

  2. 2 Carol

    That’s so good Michelle you always know how to do it right!

  3. 3 lavi

    How fun!

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