One Man’s Junk…


As we drove up to look at an advertised greenhouse in Athens Alabama today, we immediately said, Oh no! That is not it! Is it? The 30′ x 100′ commercial hoop house style greenhouse was being sold for $400 as is and would have to deconstructed and carried away.

As the owner, Jimmy walked us to the greenhouse, our first impressions were that it was a little rough around the edges. It was overgrown with weeds and there were some rotted wood that had been used to hang ferns. However, the part we were interested in, the galvanized hoops that framed the greenhouse, were in perfect condition, not bent or out of shape. We probably wouldn’t use the wood. However, just the face value of the frame alone was worth about $1200.

Upon looking at it further, the hoops were tied into the ground (probably to burried rebarb). There was a wood foundation around the edge of the greenhouse which probably could not be salvaged.

Eric and I knew we were getting a good value, so we put half the money down and will come back in January to carry it away and pay the remainder. It will require a flat bed trailer and some extra help.

Jimmy told us he had been downsizing due to his wife telling him he needed to retire. He was a sweet guy about 75. He told us about losing his house to a tornado in 1970. He has lived on his property for 45 years. He walked us around his existing greenhouse which was filled with fruit trees and bushes. He sold us 2 blueberry plants for Spring.

We must be crazy, but Eric has already been planning out how he will construct it and where we will put it, all on a restaurant napkin at the local bar and grille.

Please excuse the quality of these photos. I took them at dusk.



2 Responses to “One Man’s Junk…”

  1. 1 lavi

    How cool it’s huge. Wow how nice your own green house

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