Mending Fences & Wacking Weeds


Electric fences will not work if there’s brush growing against them and we’re not able to use our tractor’s bush hog attachment to mow near them. There’s about 5 miles of electric fences here. I wish there were bugs that loved to eat weeds, then we’d have it made. The closest thing we have is a weed wacker. We will have to clean up about half of these fences.

When it comes to garden devices, you cannot use the electric corded devices on this property because of it’s size. Only the gas powered ones will get you all over here.

I weed wacked about 800 yards of fences yesterday while Eric did some fence repair. Eric did twice as much the other day. There’s some tough brush that the weed wacker doesn’t even cut through, so you have to stop and pull them out of the ground. I figure it’s best to do a very thorough job so you don’t have to go back 2 months from now.

Hopefully I can build some muscles in these wimpy arms of mine. My biceps are still aching this morning.

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