Saving Water One Plate at a Time


This morning Daisy was standing around as usual as I prepared breakfast. A chow hound at heart, she just can’t help herself.

Last night when we went out to dinner, we decided to leave her in the garage, because she goes ballistic when we leave. We’ve found footprints on the coffee and dining tables showing signs of her getting up to look out the window. When we came home from dinner, she had gotten into the garbage and had it strewn all over the place. Why didn’t we think of that?

Today, Eric said after he finished breakfast, “I know I shouldn’t do this” as he placed his plate on the floor.

I said, “Then don’t say it.”

After I finished mine, I said, as I placed my plate on the floor, “This is one way to save water, then you don’t have to rinse it.”

Eric said, “Now, there’s a reason.”

Seriously, all kidding aside, it’s important to think of all areas of your life where you can save on resources and energy.

One Response to “Saving Water One Plate at a Time”

  1. 1 Carol

    Ha ha ha ha ha, Bill say’s the same thing too!

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