Today we will plant our first plants of the season, blueberry bushes, called Rabbiteyes. They are a bush species that grow good here in the south and in our zone, 7a. We bought 2 varieties, Brightwell and Tifblue, so they can pollenize eachother. The grower we bought them from tells us they will produce sometime in the Spring.

Eric has brought up some of the compost near the barn that was here when we bought the house. It’s nice that the previous owner had already done this. Otherwise, we would’ve had to wait a year for our new compost heap to decompose.

Once the blueberries start to bear some fruit, we will need to be concerned with birds. I’d hate to get all excited about our crop and have the birds destroy them all in one setting. I have done some research on the subject and have found some netting we’ll put over them when they’re ready.

Our goal and first priority is to get all the berries, fruit and nut trees started in the early Spring. Some of these may take up to 2 years to produce. Once they’re planted, we can concentrate on our vegetable and herb garden.



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  1. 1 lavi

    Fun. Berries yum

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