Almost a White Christmas


It is snowing here! It’s just a light dusting of snow. The weather has been pretty harsh in surrounding areas. Mobile Alabama is experiencing tornadoes.

My parents are leaving today before the weather gets worse.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be doing much the rest of this week. Rain and snow will prevent us from doing anything outside. I am getting used to those kind of days. It gives us a chance to do things inside the house, such as cleaning, garden planning, sewing projects, painting, etc. I think you need that. It keeps things in balance.


2 Responses to “Almost a White Christmas”

  1. 1 lavi

    Wow snow! How pretty. Hope you guys had a nice Christmas.

  2. 2 Georgia Paquette

    I brought all the cats indoors because it’s been pretty cold at night. When it started to rain hard one night a week or so ago, it felt really good to know that everyone was cozy and warm – even all the furry kids. The bad weather outside is sometimes nice – it makes you enjoying doing things inside. Sounds like you are taking advantage of all the weather changes to get things done. It’s nice to hear that you are so busy and so happy!!

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