Horse Shopping


Eric said something funny while we were getting ringed up after shopping for Summit yesterday at the Tractor Supply store. He said, “Jeez, it’s like shopping for a new dog.” The only thing we do have is the barn, some feed buckets and places to put it all. Our purchases included a halter, leads, grooming supplies, food, and watering.

Today, we went shopping for tack. We found a nice little tack shop up in Etheridge (Amish country). We bought a very nice used Australian saddle, new briddle and all the accessories that goes with it. Yes, there are accessories. It’s like when I go out shopping for an outfit. Gotta have all the paraphenalia. We saved some big bucks by buying the saddle used. The bridle and reigns were handmade by the Amish here and were a good buy. The only thing I still don’t have is the saddle pad.

Our tack room is starting to look like a tack room now.

Three more days till we bring Summit home!


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  1. 1 lavi

    Shopping is fun

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