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Last night, Dusty was standing outside on our patio and heard a tree fall. He said it sounded like fireworks. He grabbed Eric’s flashlight and sure enough, a large tree had fallen and split in half. We thought there’d be more trees down, but this was the only tree that fell during Tuesday and Wednesday’s […]

Eric found a cute salamander on the bottom of the pool yesterday. He was about 12 inches in length. Eric took him to our pond and released him.

This morning, we’ve been waking up every 15 minutes to severe weather warnings from our weather radio since 2 am. We’ve had some tornado watches, but the severe warnings are to the north of us. It’s 4:20am and it’s raining now. I think it’s past us. It’s too late for sleep, especially after 2 cups […]

The greenhouse is starting to take shape today. It’s very encouraging. Eric and Dusty are installing the hoops and ribs (for the center and side supports). You can really get an idea of how large this 50′ x 30′ greenhouse will look when completely assembled. The barn is about the same length. The height of […]

I love the thought of using what you have instead of buying new materials. In our garden, our paths will be made of round wood cuts from fallen timbers Leaves will be used to mulch Our compost will fertilize year-round Rocks on our property will be used to correct drainage ditch problems Any old grass […]

The baseboards are the foundation of the greenhouse. We’ve decided to use materials available on this property. Eric and Dusty gathered timbers of various sizes for both sides that measures 50 feet in legth and 30 feet in width. The footprint is 1,500 square feet. It’ll be exciting to see it all put together.

Constructing a greenhouse may be more work than deconstructing the old one. We’ve decided to position the greenhouse west of the barn with the ends pointing north/south. After deconstructing the old greenhouse, we have galvanized steel ribs and top center/side supports. The old baseboards were not salvageable, so we’ll need to build a new frame (around the bottom). Eric has an […]