Setting up a Proper Mudroom



In the winter, Loretto gets about 4 inches of rain a month. This is some serious rain compared to Southern California.

Every time it’s been raining, we traipse through the house with our muddy boots. Big adjustment. Can’t just walk in without taking off your boots. Not a good practice for nice wood floors. We both said early on that we should go through the basement. However, there’s been no place to actually sit down and take off your boots. I also have pull-on boots, which take some muscle to pull off. While helping me get them off one night, Eric tugged so hard, I actually fell off the sofa and onto to the floor!

I asked Eric to create a rustic bench and a boot jack. It took him about a day and a half to complete the bench. It’s actually a nice place to sit down now. We have it in our basement hallway between the stairs and basement guest apartment facing the door from our garage. He made it from scraps of wood that’s been sitting around the barn. It’s a nice use of materials and looks really rustic, like it’s been around a long time. The boot jack took Eric a couple of hours. This little tool removes the frustration I used to have with getting my boots off.

Eric made me a boot jack to remedy this. What a difference this little tool makes

We had one rustic piece of lumber leftover from the bench project, so Eric plans to make it into a coat rack.

The basement stays nice and warm, so when you take your boots off there, you’re out of the rain and cold and it stay comfortable.

3 Responses to “Setting up a Proper Mudroom”

  1. 1 lavi

    Handy men are keepers! Cool

  2. 3 Carol

    Nice job, had no idea how talented Eric is with his hands. So very nice to have a guy like that!

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