Water Features After Today’s Big Rain


4 Responses to “Water Features After Today’s Big Rain”

  1. 1 charles/chuck

    i have enjoyed looking on here.i hope goliath does better tom i do miss him but i know he has more room to roam and play and i know he is in good hands thx chuck ps hagd

    • Goliath is doing so good today. We spent a lot of time with him last night. I brushed him and talked to him, but he was very nervous. Eric went out and got him a collar, food and treats.

      When we woke up, he came to us when we called his name. He’s been following me around the house all morning. He’s a sweet guy. We have been walking him on a leash, but turning him loose in the barn and back patio. He slept in the garage last night. I think he will do good here. We are making progress.

      Thank you so much for letting us adopt Goliath!

      • no problem i miss him alot but like i said i want better for him and to be happy we will come see him next weekend if thats ok i just dont want him to think i didnt want him thx chuck hagd

      • Sure Chuck. That would not be a problem.

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