Deconstructing a Greenhouse Part I



Last month, we bought a used commercial greenhouse. Yes, a used greenhouse! We bought it last month hoping to come back and deconstruct it in the first part of January. Eric also knew his son, Dusty would be here to help. It will take both of them to deconstruct it.

Today, Eric and Dusty headed to Athens, Alabama with a rented flatbed trailer and a bunch of tools to desconstruct it and bring it back home. They will salvage as much as they can. They’ve been waiting for the weather to cooperate, but there’s been a lot of rain, sleet and snow. Not to mention, it’s been extremely cold. Today will be warmer. The daytime high should be about 50 degrees.

Upon first looking at the greenhouse, it looks junky. You can tell it’s been out of commission for quite awhile now. The galvanized hoops of this greenhouse are in great shape with no signs of damage. The greenhouse is a whopping 30′ x 100′. We will probably only reconstruct half of it, but it will give us extra parts or give us the option to build a second greenhouse if needed.

Existing Construction:

  • Galvanized hoops (Joined in the middle. Can come apart to make transporting easier.)
  • Rebar (Supports and holds the hoops to the ground. Not salvagable due to them being buried too deeply in the ground.)
  • PVC center rib (Supports the top of the greenhouse.)
  • Baseboard (Around the bottom of the greenhouse. Currently covered in plastic. May be salvagable.)
  • PVC irrigation (Some parts are cracked, but some may be salvagable.)
  • Pressure treated wood (Used to hang ferns. Could be used to build the new baseboard or frame the ends of the greenhouse.)

It’s been both a dream of ours to have a greenhouse. We’re really looking forward to getting it home and all set up. I will keep you posted as we complete this fun project.

One Response to “Deconstructing a Greenhouse Part I”

  1. 1 lavI

    Wow,that is,huge. Alot to do in cold weather burrr

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