Constructing a Greenhouse: Part I – Leveling the Land


Constructing a greenhouse may be more work than deconstructing the old one.

We’ve decided to position the greenhouse west of the barn with the ends pointing north/south.

After deconstructing the old greenhouse, we have galvanized steel ribs and top center/side supports. The old baseboards were not salvageable, so we’ll need to build a new frame (around the bottom). Eric has an idea to construct the new frame out of some fallen timbers. He said it will last 10 years before it rots and all we’ll need to do is debark them.

Today, Dusty has been preparing the soil. He used the box blade attachment for our tractor to tear up grass and the front end bucket to level the soil. Here’s some photos of him leveling the ground with the tractor. There were some low spots he filled in. The log is a reference point of where the greenhouse will go. We will use logs like this to build the baseboards.

Stay tuned…more on what we’ll be doing to build the greenhouse:

Part II – Foundation

Part III – Structure – Installing the Hoops and Ribs

Part IIIa – Structure – Constructing the Ends

Part IV – Integrating the Greenhouse into the Landscape

One Response to “Constructing a Greenhouse: Part I – Leveling the Land”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    Wow u 2 are busy bees aren’t you ? Got to give it to you .. lol

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