Riding the Storm Out



This morning, we’ve been waking up every 15 minutes to severe weather warnings from our weather radio since 2 am. We’ve had some tornado watches, but the severe warnings are to the north of us. It’s 4:20am and it’s raining now. I think it’s past us. It’s too late for sleep, especially after 2 cups of coffee.

The weather here is so new to us, we’re not sure what to expect. I’ve never known anything but California weather my whole life but I’m sure we’ll become used to it after we’ve been here a couple of years.

I’ve been worried all night about our horse, Summit in the barn. We have listened outside for him, but there’s been no sounds of him whinnying. Hopefully he won’t be too freaked out when we go to put him out at 6:30am.



3 Responses to “Riding the Storm Out”

  1. 1 Sandra Pyle

    Are you guys okay? How scarry! Hope Sumit is fine? Did you bargin for this? đŸ™‚ How much bad weather do you expect to have this year?

    • Hi Sandra. We’re ok. It wasn’t too scary. Summit was fine and wasn’t too bothered by the weather. Spring seems to be the time of year for rain, thunder storms and tornados, but with all the types of media alerts avaiable, you seem have enough time to take cover. We have a weather radio that can run on batteries if the power is out. The only problem with it is that you get alerts of all the surrounding areas too. I think I’d only like to be alerted when it affects us. Not too sure we can adjust that. At least you get a warning with a tornado, with earthquakes you do not.

  2. 3 lavI

    Tornados are my biggest fear I have frequent bad dreams of them

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