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When we first got into our new house, it was the start of the holidays (probably not the best time to meet neighbors). Everyone is busy doing family things. When you’re in a rual neighborhood like ours, it’s not as easy as it was in California to pay neighbors a visit. Here, I think I […]

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My horse, Summit can be a handful. I think it’s in his nature. His middle name is “Mischief”. During the past two months of owning him, he has put me through all of his bag of tricks. By remaining calm and having his best interest at heart, I’ve been able to deal with it all. […]

A week ago, we purchased a product for our horse stalls called, Equine Pine over at Tractor Supply. It’s about 5.99 a bag. It comes in the form of pellets and it’s environmentally friendly. You add water and it expands into very plush bedding. There’s less waste, it’s biodegradeable and it’s very absorbant. It keeps […]

Well, far as me to complain about having too much luck, but when you have an overpopulation of ladybugs, then it gets to a point when it’s not so cute anymore. About a month ago, we discovered where they were nesting; in the basement below our bathroom. There were hundreds of them nested above the […]

Our poor dog, Daisy has been so sick. After returning home from our cruise on Sunday, Daisy looked pretty good. However, by Monday, she wasn’t eating. She was sleeping a lot and moving very slowly. By Tuesday night, her eye was very bloodshot. When we woke up Wednesday morning, her eye was bleeding and she was in a lot […]

On Sunday, we decided we’d try and install the plastic over our greenhouse. We started at one of the ends because the ends are what we wanted to complete first. Unfortunately, there was wind. Though it was only a light wind, it made it almost impossible to complete the job. We had to take it all down. If you look […]