Stable Mates


Today, Summit got some stable mates, Terry and Myst. They’re my trainer, Jessica’s horses. We’ve agreed to barter her training for boarding her two horses. I’ve been getting great results with Summit’s training and we think he’d do even better with other horses around. I think he’s been a bit lonely here.

Terry is a tall thoroughbred standing at 17 hands and Myst is a fairly short arabian standing at 14 hands. Summit, my arabian is fairly tall standing at 15.3 hands.

We picked them up this morning. It had been snowing, so it was a bit cold.

I’ve already seen a change in Summit with Myst in the barn. I think he’s in love. We took some really great photos of everyone getting aquainted. Summit was disappointed when I took him back to his pasture. He really wanted to to stay. I’m sure he’ll be glad to come in tonight!

It really looks like a farm now. Very exciting.


2 Responses to “Stable Mates”

  1. 1 Carol

    I just love all the photo’s, Thanks so much Michelle for sharing all of these.

  2. 2 lavI

    Oh how cute! Love the one of summit and Myst adorable! Glad and happy I got to see these pics

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