A Clean Smelling Barn


equine pine copy

A week ago, we purchased a product for our horse stalls called, Equine Pine over at Tractor Supply. It’s about 5.99 a bag. It comes in the form of pellets and it’s environmentally friendly. You add water and it expands into very plush bedding. There’s less waste, it’s biodegradeable and it’s very absorbant. It keeps the stall very dry which is very important for the health of a horse’s hooves.

You start out with about 7 bags for one 12’x12′ stall. Spray water over the pellets, rake, then spray more water and rake again. You can actually see the pellets growing or expanding. It becomes like saw dust except very soft. You only need about a bag a week or as needed to maintain the stalls. Every 6 months, you can clean it all out and start over. It’s a very cost effective solution. It basically turns your stall into a litter box for horses. You scoop up only the waste and leave behind the bedding.

When we clean out the stalls every day, we rake all the wet bedding material toward the sides so it can dry. Then, we rake it back down the following day.

We used to use straw and pine shavings which were not helping control the odor. Now, it’s very clean and fresh. I think it will be a good solution during fly season. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

One Response to “A Clean Smelling Barn”

  1. 1 Georgia Paquette

    Very cool. You’re doing your homework on everything and it sounds like you are learning lots & lots!! Impressive.

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