Overpopulation of Good Luck



Well, far as me to complain about having too much luck, but when you have an overpopulation of ladybugs, then it gets to a point when it’s not so cute anymore.

About a month ago, we discovered where they were nesting; in the basement below our bathroom. There were hundreds of them nested above the ceiling tiles. They like warm south facing rooms, so it seemed odd that they are nesting in the basement (perhaps, because it is warm down there).

Today, I decided I’ve had enough. Armed with the vacuum hose, I set out to suck up every single one I could find. Besides, I find about 20 dead ones on my bathroom floor every morning. I vacuumed, waited and vacuumed again until I didn’t see any more.

From what I’ve read, you can do a variety things to get rid of them, but I think I like the black light and vacuum solution. Fumigating them and spraying toxic applications is not for me. I don’t want us breathing all that. All I want to do is cause them not to make their home here anymore. For now, I don’t believe I’ll see anymore of them until about Fall when they go to find a home for the Winter. Then, I will employ the black light solution I found on How.com that attracts and gathers them. Anyway, wish me luck. I’m going to need it!

One Response to “Overpopulation of Good Luck”

  1. 1 Georgia Paquette

    Maybe you could collect and sell them. They sell them in little plastic jars at Home Depot and places like that to help people get rid of aphids. 🙂

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