Sicker than a Dog


Our poor dog, Daisy has been so sick. After returning home from our cruise on Sunday, Daisy looked pretty good. However, by Monday, she wasn’t eating. She was sleeping a lot and moving very slowly. By Tuesday night, her eye was very bloodshot. When we woke up Wednesday morning, her eye was bleeding and she was in a lot of pain.

We took her over to a vet in Pulaski. He told us the tissue around her eye was bleeding. He said he was going to have to keep her overnight in order to save her eye. She ended up spending 3 nights there. She recevied an IV and antibiotics. The vet had to perform a small surgery to save her eye. We’re not sure what caused her eye to get so bad. The doctor says trauma, but she got sick and stopped eating before her eye became bloodshot.

Daisy has improved since her hospital stay and she is continuing to get better here at home. Thanks to everyone for all their well wishes!


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