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We had a productive morning up until about 1:00pm. Is was sunny and warm. We laid out wood slices down the middle path of our garden and planted two beds of vegetables. Each bed had to be tilled first. One bed has a variety of squash, eggplant and cucumbers. The other bed has radishes, beets […]

Look at these two dorks!

Goliath is a barker, much more than Daisy. It doesn’t really matter around here since our neighbors aren’t that close. I just need to curb his incessant barking at 2am. I’m sure he’s just getting used to all the noises here. I decided to use a squirt bottle and it’s so effective. All I need […]

Never in my wildest dreams did we think we’d put up a 1500 sq. ft. greenhouse, but it’s finally done! We’ve been waiting for the weather and the wind to cooperate so we could finish the top. We did the ends two weeks ago. Today was the perfect sunny day to finish the project. Eric […]

Fly Predators


When I looked at our compost pile the other day, there were a bunch of baby flies coming from it. I thought, “We’re breeding flies.” Not on purpose, but it’s the perfect breeding ground. Today, my trainer said they sell fly predators called, fly parasites. Once I got back to the computer, I looked into this. There are […]

When it’s windy and rainy outside, make a fire!

Uninvited Guest


Today, Eric found this MONSTER tick walking around our floor. One of the dogs must of brought this one in. It looks like it’s going to explode! Not sure how it gets around hauling around it’s big behind. We put a quarter next to it to give you some reference. Guess where it ended up?