Goliath, the Gentle Giant



With the thought of owning more livestock and the emerging plans for our garden, we felt we were going to need a dog to patrol our property. With some research, we found the Great Pyrenees is the perfect farm dog because of it’s natural desire to protect property and livestock. They can weigh above 100 ponds, but interestingly eat a relatively small amount when compared to their size. They consume between 40-45 pounds of food a month.

While at the vet’s office about a week ago, Eric spotted a posting for a 1-year old Great Pyrenees adpotion for a dog named Goliath. The posting was still there when we returned to the vet’s office a week later, so we decided to call.

When I called to check on Goliath’s availability, the girl laughed and said yes, but she said, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not laughing because he’s bad, I’m laughing because I want to get rid of him and my husband doesn’t. He’s actually shy and very gentle.” I went on to explain our 32 acre property and the animals we have on our farm. Eventually, I spoke with her husband and he said they just didn’t have the kind of room he needed and it wasn’t fair to him. I arranged to see him the following day.

The next day, we took Daisy and headed their way. When we got to Goliath’s property, he greeted us with a bark (Who are you?). The owners were very nice and invited us in. We talked to them for awhile and asked about his current needs, past and present. It was apparent he was from a very loving home. He had been with them since finding him as a puppy. Goliath is about 16 months old.

We spent about an hour working with the owners. The owner offered us some meat and animal crackers to give him. He was reluctant to come near us at first. I crouched down low and eventually he came to me. When we let Daisy come out of the truck, he immediately became interested and followed her all around as she marked the territory.

After the owner said a touching goodbye to Goliath, we loaded up his dog house and dog bowl. Next, we lured him into the cab of our truck with some meat. Goliath did not have a dog collar, so we made a makeshift one out of rope.

On the way home, Goliath was understandably nervous, but eventually calmed down and laid next to Daisy. When we got home, Tank, our neighbor’s dog who spends most of his time on our property, was there to greet us. However, it was not the greeting we expected. They exchanged “words” and showed teeth and Goliath escaped from his makeshift collar.

We spent about 20 minutes chasing him all around the pastures. Luckily, he never crossed over to the neighbor’s pastures. We were finally able to herd him up to the pool yard and shut the gate behind him.


2 Responses to “Goliath, the Gentle Giant”

  1. yea you see how my wife works she gets to keep her small dogs while my buddy goes to a new home .i do have to say when you left with goliath i started to call and ask you to bring him back but i realized he would be great on your farm and to me you couldnt have gotten a sweeter dog and this type of dog will protect the farm . i do miss him bad but at the same time i know after a few days he will bond with you 2 and we or i will come see him . like i have said i want him to be happy and have plenty of room to stretch his legs and at the same time do what is natural for him which is protect you all and the farm animals give him a hug from me and let him know i will bring him a bite bite he knows what that means and who tought him that anyway thank you for the pictures it brought tears to my eyes but they were happy one for him thank you so much we will see him soon thx chuck

  2. thank you so much for the pictures and we will see you all next weekend and thank you so much his happiness means the world to me he will allways be my number 1 dog ever thx again

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