Farm Dog in Training


Since bringing Goliath home on Saturday, we have come a long way in familiarizing him with the farm and us. He has such a wonderful personality. He is not agressive or pushy.

The first day, he would barely come to us. The next day, he was leaning up against me and he put his head on Eric’s lap. The day after that, he came when we called him. Every day we’ve been leading him around on a leash. Eric took him around as he checked the fences before putting the horses out. Today, we let go of the leash and let him drag it around for awhile. He was really great and lied in the pasture untied while we worked on our garden plot for a few hours.

He has become really attached to Eric and looks for him whenevever he leaves the room. This afternoon, he was in our pool yard when Eric drove up from the store. He jumped over the fence and ran to greet him!

At night, we put Goliath in a barn stall with his food and water. He does not seem to mind. He doesn’t dig and he’s happy to see us when we return to feed the horses in the morning.

I was concerned about Tank, our neighbor’s dog who spends most of his time on our property. especially since they started out on a bad note Saturday. Today, they were quite amicable. All three of the dogs layed down together on the pool patio. Tank and Goliath have been marking the territory on top of eachother’s mark. I’m not sure what that means or who will be the boss. We will see.

I wish I had a photo, Goliath and Daisy are starting to be quite the pair. He’s been lying down next to her.

The horses are used to Goliath now and Smokey, our barn cat has welcomed him here. It’ll be interesting to see how all of them react to having chickens as this will be the next animals we add to our farm.

I get a feeling we will be letting Goliath roam free sooner than I first anticipated. He seems to like being here. My main concern is for his safety. I’d hate for him to roam the neighborhood. Daisy has adapted well and seems to get that we want her here only. Hopefully, he’ll adapt as well as she has.


One Response to “Farm Dog in Training”

  1. 1 lavI

    Cute. Glad he is fitting in well

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