Dog Drool


The other day, while we were out putting plastic on the other end of the greenhouse, I looked over at the dogs laying happlily in the dirt. Smokey, our barn cat was loving up on them. As I looked closer, Smokey had dog drool on the top of his head! I laughed! Goliath must’ve drooled on him!



8 Responses to “Dog Drool”

  1. hey i see goliath on a leash. he knows home is there he is happy there you can just let im run loose he wont go anywhere he likes it there thx again chuck

    • Yeah, we have just started letting him off the leash. He ran off a few times and it scared is. We don’t want to lose him. He is doing better about staying around the last few days. We’re getting there.

  2. well went to church had to leave im sick but ty ps i enjoy the pictures of goliath hage

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