Taking the Leap


Eric and I are taking the leap and getting married Wednesday, April 10 and having a small party on Saturday, May 18.



10 Responses to “Taking the Leap”

  1. 1 bdbuellton@verizon.net

    Beautiful photo!  I hope you know how much I love the two of you!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!Big hugs to you both,Love deb  

  2. 3 Sandra Pyle

    Love your photo. It is beautiful. We are so happy for you both. Have a wonderful wedding and a beautiful life together as husband and wife. 🙂

  3. 5 Molly Lisenbe

    Congrats I will be thinking about you two on Saturday , Bruce & I will celebrate 2 yrs on May 27 .

    • Thank you Molly! That is so cool that you and Bruce got married in May! Another thing we’ll have in common.

  4. 7 Carol

    I love that! so very happy for the both of you, great people deserve great people and I love that you both are wonderful people, that found each other……much love to you both!

  5. 9 Georgia Paquette

    Fantastic! Congratulations to you both.

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