Technology is My Lifeline


The other day, Eric read my blog about being a master chef at home and said, “This blog is your lifeline.” As I thought about it, more than anything, technology has been my lifeline.

I haven’t met too many people here and it’s been a little harder than I expected. I’ve not let it worry me too much as I have adapted well to this new situation. Technology has been my friend all along and has helped me feel connected. I text people anytime I need to and I use this blog as a letter to our friends, family and followers about our experiences.

Adpating to the culture here has been a little more challenging. Things are a little more slower pace and further away. I have to remind myself daily that I don’t necessarily need it now. If I do, I can always get it online.

When it comes to food, the culture here is not quite as diverse. Using technology to my advantage, I’ve been ordering from Amazon and that has saved my culinary cravings for the most part. Restaurants here, have nothing on California. So, cooking a good meal at home is very important to me.

When my parents were here, we discussed the Newcomer’s Club they belong to. They have clubs all over the United States. Since moving to Tennessee, my mom has joined a potluck and rook group. She said it save her life. She does her share of parties all year long and it’s been a great way for my parents to socialize. There’s nothing in Lawrence County for newcomers, so I recently reached out to my parent’s Newcomers’ board president to find out more about starting something here. I have plans to put together a welcome packet. I will get local business cards and coupons, develop a welcome handout and visit City Hall to get their support in distrubting. Most likely, I’ll use some kind of technology to communicate. I’ll keep you posted.


2 Responses to “Technology is My Lifeline”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    Great Michelle , this could be 1 of your callings !! Good luck with it .

  2. 2 Georgia Paquette

    Great idea. I don’t know where you get all the energy (or the time). You two have really accomplished a lot since you moved…and it sounds as though you are just getting started.

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