If You Like Starting Something, Put Up a Greenhouse



Never in my wildest dreams did we think we’d put up a 1500 sq. ft. greenhouse, but it’s finally done! We’ve been waiting for the weather and the wind to cooperate so we could finish the top. We did the ends two weeks ago. Today was the perfect sunny day to finish the project.

Eric laid out the plastic, threw three long ropes over the greenhouse structure, then we sectioned off 3 parts of the plastic and tied the rope to tennis balls (a tip we saw on the web). Eric had us fold the plastic in half. That way we didn’t have to pull all the plastic over at once. With the help of Jessica, my trainer, we pulled the plastic over the frame. It took the three of us to get it over, but I think Eric had the right idea. It was not as heavy when we pulled it. It was just awkward getting the tennis balls past greenhouse ribs. Once the plastic was up, we worked from end to end securing the plastic with firring strips as evenly as we could.

We put a thermometer in the greenhouse while we worked. The temperature got up to 95 degrees in there.

It’s so rewarding to see our greenhouse up now. We will take it slow and get at least one potting bench in there right away. I am going start by growing some lettuce.


3 Responses to “If You Like Starting Something, Put Up a Greenhouse”

  1. 1 lavI

    Horray how neat!

  2. 2 Sandra Pyle

    This is an amazing accomplishment. Congrats! It looks great!

  3. 3 Georgia Paquette

    It does, indeed, look GREAT!

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