Fly Predators


When I looked at our compost pile the other day, there were a bunch of baby flies coming from it. I thought, “We’re breeding flies.” Not on purpose, but it’s the perfect breeding ground.

Today, my trainer said they sell fly predators called, fly parasites. Once I got back to the computer, I looked into this. There are online distributors that have bi-weekly and monthly programs which covers one season. You put them where the flies breed at like the compost. It can keep the fly population way down. As I’ve discovered when we moved here in November, there were flies coming into the house every time the door was opened.

I’ll keep you posted if we decide to do this. I think the horses would be happier and it would be healthier for all of us.


One Response to “Fly Predators”

  1. 1 lavI

    Gross kill them flies

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