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Saw these cute caterpillars yesterday.

I have a bunch of wildflowers I need to plant, so today we’re taking some compost out to the grove of trees in front of the house. Eventually, I’d like to fill in the whole area with wildflowers. I always thought it’d be neat to have wildflowers growing inside the grove of trees. For now, […]

While we were out in the garden the other day, Eric says, “We need to record the rhythm of the seasons.” We prepared, we planted, we did certain things in the Winter, we did other things in the Spring. The seasons dictate what we do. Keeping track of what we did will help us prepare […]



It’s raining today. Goliath and Smokey are keeping each other warm.

Farm Stand


In Middle Tennessee, there’s a guide to Food and Farming through a website and publication called Local Table. They list CSAs, farmer’s markets and farms. We were really glad to see a farmer’s market listing for Lawrenceburg. We decided we’d check it out this morning. As we were coming up on it, if we blinked, […]

Last night was the first night Goliath stayed out all night. During the day, we’ve been letting himĀ roam free. During the evening we’ve been bringing him into the pool yard for the night. We decided we were ready. It was more about whether we’d be able to sleep and not worry. He’s been ready for […]

Broken Record


I never knew what a whippoorwill was till we moved here. It’s a bird that makes the same call over and over again. It sings at night. If you listen to it long enough, it may be like one of those songs you can’t get out of your head. It might even make you a […]